Sweet and Spicy Mango Smoothie Bowl

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The Story

One of the first dessert recipes I ever made when I bought my food processor was homemade sorbet. It's so underrated and so simple to make, but I wasn't into the recipes calling for sugar and a bunch of other ingredients I didn't think I needed. So I decided to simplify it, and make it more earth-friendly.

Mango sorbet is delicious on its own, but adding a little kick of spice makes all the difference. I get the spice by using Mike's Hot Honey, a product I was introduced to by Whole Foods Market and haven't stopped using since they sent it to me to try. The addition of spice is optional, and instead of adding one part raw honey to one part Mike's Hot Honey, just add raw honey in replacement. It's so simple, delicious, and easy.

I'm a big fan of jazzing up my smoothie bowls with toppings for extra texture, and this one is no exception. In this photograph, I have coconut, chia seeds, spirulina and even more hot honey. Don't feel limited, feel liberated. 


Prep time: 5 minutes | Yield: 2 servings

  • 3 cups frozen mango chunks or 2 fresh mangos, frozen for at least 4 hours and chunked
  • 2 tbsp raw honey
  • 2 tbsp Mike's Hot Honey 
  • 1/4 cup water or coconut milk
  1. Blend ingredients in a food processor until sorbet forms.
  2. Serve immediately or place in freezer until ready to eat.