My real food guide: Super Bowl Sunday

I love to celebrate one of the biggest days in sports, but it also comes with some scary territory. People on diets fear it, people who want to go on diets overly embrace it, and I just feel like there's got to be a middle ground on how to enjoy the day without eating like shit and then saying, "It's fine, it's the Super Bowl." To get the best feeling from your food, you have to cook with the best ingredients. And that's why I love shopping at Whole Foods Market for my spread. 

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3 paleo products I'm eating to snap back in 2018

I've officially put off getting back to my normal diet for a week, but I'm ready (I write this post as I am about to go to all-you-can-eat sushi to say my final goodbyes for a little while.)

For me, getting back to my "normal diet" means returning to mostly plant-based whole foods. And thankfully, I've partnered up with Whole Foods Market to make this transition back to reality a lot easier. Being the dope partner that they are, they sent me their Paleo Power Box, and I picked out my three favorite products from their stores so that you, too, can get back into eating real food again. And loving it.

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4 plant-based ingredients to fall in love with

When I decided to change my diet to become mostly plant-based, I had my reservations. Being the type of person who needs substitution over elimination, I did as much research as I could think of in finding alternatives to foods I love. The cheeses, the meats, the cookies. I didn't want to stop eating good food, I just wanted to started eating food that would make me feel good.

Full disclosure though, none of these ingredients are identical to their substitutes. I would never recommend something because it "tastes just like" something else. Part of adapting a healthier diet, for me at least, was finding ingredients and recipes that would help me move on from my old habits, not find chemically-based substitutions. Think of it this way: When you break up with someone, you're out there looking for someone who has the qualities that made you happy without all the bullshit that made you mad. It's not about finding an identical substitute. It's about finding something new that will help you not miss the old.

And now that I've compared relationships to eating food, I think it's safe to get this list started.

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the art to making the best bacon, egg and cheese

There’s an art to the perfect bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. The ratio of bacon to eggs must be right. The cheese has to ooze. And most importantly, the fix-ins need to be complimentary, not overwhelming. For me, it's all about the B.E.C.S.P.K.A. on a roll. Bacon crispy. Sunny side up egg. Lots of cheddar cheese, melted perfectly. Salt, pepper and ketchup, obviously. And then avocado. Because as if there isn't enough goodness on it already, the touch of California flare keeps me fuller even longer.

I think it’s only fair to share with you some other versions, by the people who want, love and need them the most.

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