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Dive into one of these soups, no matter what diet you follow.

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Real good guide: Super Bowl Sunday

People on diets fear it, people who want to go on diets overly embrace it, and I just feel like there's got to be a middle ground on how to enjoy the day without eating like shit and then saying, "It's fine, it's the Super Bowl."


3 paleo products I'm eating in 2018

For me, getting back to my "normal diet" means returning to mostly plant-based whole foods. And thankfully, I've partnered up with Whole Foods Market to make this transition back to reality a lot easier. 


LPO 101: learning to love your food

Here I am, almost one year into my new relationship and feeling great. I walk around feeling light, like the weight from the processed cheese is finally off my body. I go out to eat and know that I can have room for dessert. And I deserve it.